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Concrete color dye

Concrete Color Dye

Concrete Color Dye seals and protects your concrete. It improves the appearance of concrete patios, walkways, steps and entranceways. We also have interior colors that can be used indoors in basements, laundry rooms and sunrooms. Add value and curb appeal to your home!

Concrete color dye Longmont

This UV-stable, acetone-based liquid dye was developed for both exterior and interior use. It is designed to penetrate open concrete surfaces. It is composed of solid-ground color particles in a solution.

Concrete color dye Loveland

Of course, prep is always the key and our expert installers diamond grind the area to insure the best quality outcome.

Concrete color dye Berthoud

It creates a unique, multi-colored color pattern. It is available in 28 colors, but can be combined to create your own personal masterpiece. No two applications are alike.

Concrete color dye system

Concrete Color Dye System

These samples are a representation of laboratory applications on standard gray concrete. Exact color may vary due to variations in concrete composition, age, surface conditions, surface preparation, and application techniques.

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